IMPORTANT UPDATE: Use Barter To Buy Cash Business

Turn Key Business For Sale-Accepting Tradebank Barter Dollars As Payment–IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!

There are 3000 shirts included in the inventory !!

Here’s the current inventory levels and retail value of the inventory only (3000 total tees remaining in stock with $150K retail value):


189 styles for sale
660 total tees
3.5 sizes per style
$28,971 retail value
$44 average retail price


300 styles for sale
1429 total tees
4.7 sizes per style
$67,141 retail value
$47 average retail price

Boys (sizes 0-5)-

31 styles for sale
144 total tees
4.6 sizes per style
$4409 retail value
$30 average retail price

Girls (sizes 0-5)-

50 styles for sale
328 total tees
6.5 sizes per style
$10,239 retail value
$31 average retail price


35 styles for sale
105 total tees
3 sizes per style
$5318 retail value
$50 average retail price


605 styles for sale
2666 total tees
4.4 sizes per style
$116,078 retail value
$43 average retail price

-Note:  The above total EXCLUDES the private label Catt Sadler designed tees.  I have approx 250 of these in stocks x $89 retail = $22,250 retail value

More detals from original announcement:

Lavonda Henry, Tradebank of Indianapolis Regional Owner, announces the sale of MACSTEES.COM- Online Specialty T-shirts for men, women, maternity and kids. The Seller is based in Henry’s Tradebank region, Indianapolis. Asking price is 119,000 in Tradebank barter dollars with a valuation of $150,000. For more information contact


+Five year online “high-end” t-shirt store

 +Re-seller of over 40 of the top celebrity worn brands including:

 Ed Hardy
Junk Food
Paris Hilton
Gwen Stefani

 +Included is Mac’s own completely custom private-label brand designed and worn by Catt Sadler (E! Network show “The Daily 10″ star). There are approximately 3000 of these shirts remaining. Total expense for completely custom, Made in the USA t-shirts for Men and Women, was $15,000.

+Over $65,000 of wholesale value inventory

+Retail value is $140,000

+Website design was approximately $30,000

+Hundreds of back-links and SEO established (approx $15,000)

+Private label brand has a trademark on the Catt Sadler designs

-Inventory could be sold off, put in a retail environment (all inventory is brand new with tags), sold on eBay, etc.

-Website could easily be re-branded with a different logo and URL if new owner wanted to blend this business into an existing brick and mortar and/or web clothing company.

-This business is not a “print shop” providing customized t-shirts. This is a re-seller of high-end, celebrity worn t-shirts for Men, Women, Maternity, and Kids (up to five years old).

-$119,000 price gets everything including shipping of inventory to new owner and website training. Business is turn-key. Start-up capital to open business in one day would be approx $150,000.

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