Barter=New Customers=Additional Revenues=Increased Prosperity

Barter=New Customers=Additional Revenues=Increased Prosperity

The number one reason business owners join Tradebank’s barter network is to open new distribution channels for their products and services. Participating business owners produce additional revenue and see increased prosperity for their company as a result of their participation in Tradebank.

Tradebank integrates barter as a means to supplement rather than replace your current cash business.  The barter services Tradebank provides include:

New Customers

Reduced Overhead Expenses

Improved Cash Flow

Increased Profits

A Method To Capitalize On Underperforming Assets (time and inventory)

Over the 26 years I have been in the barter industry I have found that although barter has a universal application for virtually all business, industry and professional services, the mindset of the business owner also plays an important role in successful trading.

Here are questions you can ask yourself regarding your eligibility to become a successful participant in Tradebank’s Trading network:

  •  Do you have the ability to accept new clients/customers?
  • Are the products and services you provide marketable? Do others want what you have? If you could reach more customers would you would sell more?
  • Do you have profit margins that allow you barter 100%? Is your cost of goods no more than 60-70%, preferably less?
  • Do you have a healthy cash business? Are you looking for ways to increase your market share, improve your profitability and take your business to the next level?
  • Do you have an interest in purchasing the products and services the other trading partners offer?
  • Do you understand and recognize the advantages barter offers your business? Are you willing to learn and incorporate these principles as part of your business model?

When the above considerations mesh with your business objectives, let’s talk. Visit or for more information email Todd M. Gerry, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing, Tradebank International-

 by Marcy S. Yaffe, VP of Trade, Tradebank International,

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